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The only thing that has been constant in my life over the past 10 years is the love for my dear car. We’ve been through thick and thin, and I don’t ever see us parting ways.  I know that’s crazy but she’s probably the single most important thing in my life. Which is why I tend to her all the time- you’ll always catch me spending my free time waxing her down. Now, if you speak to any diehard car enthusiast, I’ll bet that most of them think like I do

That’s why we always have our car’s best interest at heart- I mean what kind of parent would we be if we didn’t? That’s why I gasped when I found out about a little something called protective ceramic coating. I’ve heard about this on online forums, but never truly understood what it was. However, through interest, I whisked away at the internet for information and realized that It is an absolute must for all cars, a practical godsend. Now, ‘what exactly is ceramic coating?’, you may be wondering- and ‘what does it even do?’.

Keep on reading to find out why your car needs this in its life.

What Exactly Is It?

If you want your car to look brand new, or if your car is in fact newly purchased and you want to preserve its quality, then the ceramic coating is the best choice for you.

Get ready for some science, because how ceramic coating works is all about chemistry. First of all, the coat is a polymer which is in the form of a liquid. This special liquid is applied across the exterior of your vehicle. Once applied, it reacts with the paint of your car forming a protective layer between it and the outside environment. This coating is made up of nano particles, making the layer completely transparent. And, the bonding inside the layer is packed with particles that happen to be hydrophobic. (also known as water-resistant)

There Are Many Benefits!

Once you read this paragraph, you won’t believe how badly you were left in the dark when you didn’t know anything about ceramic coating, don’t worry, I’m bringing you to the light. We’ll now be discussing the vast array of benefits that ceramic coating your car offers- you’ll know why it is definitely worth it.

Firstly, if your vehicle is straight out of the dealership, then you won’t want it to lose the battle to scuffs. That’s why ceramic coating is wonderful as the polymer barrier stops interactions between the outside world and the car’s direct paint of coat. This makes not only scuffs on the car’s exterior impossible, but also the paint is chipped, as well as scratches. What’s even greater is that the layer is completely hydrophobic, so no matter how many times you wash the car, the inner coat of paint won’t get wet- so it’ll never fade, or bleach from constant direct sunlight.

Wow! Isn’t that amazing? What do you think?

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