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Admit it, we all get attached to our ride especially after spending memories and mileage with it. However, there are times that we wish we have better-performing cars than our usual. Instead of replacing it with a new one, save yourself from the anxiety of trading your old car by upgrading it. There are lots of engine upgrades that effectively levels up your car’s performance or even push it to the limits.

Car Upgrades for Better Performance

If you’re ready to tinker with your car’s parts, then here are the most common parts to look into. Improve your car’s engine performance by choosing only the best Euro car upgrades to be installed in your vehicle.

Spark Plugs

They get the engine running by igniting the air and fuel mixture in it. Spark plugs are often ignored but they are one of the key components if you want to make your car faster. Bad spark plugs can’t provide the needed ignition and in turn, lessens the engine’s fuel efficiency. Keep these parts at the good condition to have a faster and more efficient vehicle.

Engine Air Intake

As stated earlier, the engine needs both fuel and air to run. Upgrading your air intake not only leads to better performance but also conserves your fuel. Keep the air filter and other parts clean to make air pass freely.

Performance Chips

Factory installed performance chips usually limit a vehicle’s speed and horsepower to play it safe. There are custom chips available for your car that increases the engine’s air and fuel intake making your ride faster, more powerful and fuel-efficient.


For older cars that still have this part, you can upgrade it by adding a pair more to the original installed. Its purpose is to vaporize air and fuel combination to be burned by the engine. By adding more, you provide a quick and easy energy source, making it run faster.


Although this upgrade obviously makes your car extra noisy, it really helps in the overall performance of your car. Upgrading into more pipes lessens exhaust flow restriction, making it lighter for the engine. Moving into dual pipes makes a lot of difference.

Nitrous Oxide

This mod literally adds more air to the engine. You only use this for quick, short bursts if you need an extreme propelling speed. You must check state laws first before applying this upgrade to your car since it is usually prohibited in most places.

Forced Air Induction Systems

Turbochargers and superchargers are just common parts for sports cars. But if you have the old ride, these upgrades can also be installed there. Basically, these push more air to the engine which improves performance. Similar to nitrous oxide, they are prohibited to some states so check the laws first before getting one.

Reduce Car Weight

You can do this by changing heavier parts into lighter but also durable ones. A lighter car surely runs fast.

Those were just a few of the different upgrades you can do to level up your car. While some of them usually work for most cars, you should still talk to an auto specialist to know which ones can be handled by your vehicle.

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