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Carefully choosing what type of tyre is right for your car is of utmost importance to harness the most out of it. Gone are the days where you can only choose between two tyre types as there are a lot of tyres types that are already available today. These tyres differ in size and function and you can easily buy them in an auto shop and have your car tyres replaced any moment you want. You can choose from a wide variety of tyre types and pick which among them suits your taste and is fitted to your vehicle.

Here is a list of tyre types you can choose from to get the optimum performance from your car.

  1. Standard Tyres

As the term implies, these tyres are the ones that are commonly used in vehicles. These are also known as the General Usage or Stock Tyres. These are the least expensive or most economic tyre type that you can run to when you are running out of budget yet you need to change your tyres. They come at a price lower than other tyre types, but they had been tested and approved so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

  1. Touring Tyres

These tyre types will give you the comfort while driving around as it lessens vibration and the noise level is lower too. This is a premium tyre which is so much loved by people who love travelling or the people who often go on long drives. It is equipped with a lesser aggressive and specialized tread pattern to reduce the production of noise while hitting the road.

  1. Sporty Tyres

This tyre type is specially made to increase the grip and handling capacity of a car for maximum grip even at high speed especially when the rain or snow is falling or the sun is scorching. Tyres of this kind usually come in a more aggressive tread pattern compared to standard and touring types.

  1. High-Speed Tyres

As what the name implies, these are for vehicle or for people who drive like a madman. These are commonly used in sports cars, coupes and supercars as these tyre types are very much known for their high speed rolling resistance and durability. Moreover, these tyre types can only be maximized at a speed not lower that 300kmph. It is important that these tyres are checked and that tyre pressure monitoring systems are used to ensure safety while on the road.

  1. Eco-friendly Tyres

The advent of eco-friendly cars leads to the creation of eco-friendly tyres. The increasing environmental awareness of people has reached the automobile industry which is made possible by reducing fuel consumption by reducing the rolling resistance as low as possible. Eco-friendly tyres make use of silica in order to come up with low rolling resistance tyres yet with adequate grip.

It is very important that you choose the tyre that your car needs or the tyre that you want so that you will not regret in the end. Choosing the right tyre for your car is a crucial decision as you just can’t change your car by yourself any time you want too. You should have decided and have carefully thought of it before finally having it changed. You should remember and consider how you mainly use your car before buying it.

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