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If you’re someone who wants to protect your car’s value at all costs, the number one lesson to remember is that it’s worth is not just dependant on the functioning of its mechanical parts. Even if your car does drive well, it doesn’t amount to much if it doesn’t look that great or the details haven’t been taken care of throughout the years. So here’s what you can do to make sure your car’s paint is well-protected:

Regular Washing and Treatment

You could easily wash your car every 3 weeks or so but if you’re one to take the dirt roads regularly, you might want to think of washing your vehicle more consistently. However, at least twice a year you’ll want to enlist in more professional hands to wash your car, WITH a clay bar treatment- this ensures that any stubborn particles are swept off and won’t cause any scratches when it comes to applying the wax.


If you have a new car ceramic coating services  is the way to go. This is essentially a coating that binds itself to the factory paint work so outside elements that could potentially damage the surface can easily be cleaned off without worry of the exterior being jeopardized. Its ease comes in its repellent properties- beads of water and dirt simply roll of the car without leaving any marring on the car.

Fill Scratches

As you use your car on your daily errands, it’s quite inevitable for you to pick up small scratches as the weeks goes by. However, if you ignore these small scratches, rust could very well settle in no time. Till you find the time to go to more professional services, cover these scratches up with a bit of nail polish. Don’t worry, fine scratches will most likely be needed to just be buffed out. If you do notice any rust, however, then it’s high time to go in for a service.

Mud Flaps

If you own a big vehicle and you install mud flaps, you’re doing all those other smaller cars a massive favour and saving them from some serious tire spray. But aside from this, installing mud flaps can help prevent any build-up of dirt, water and other small debris like pebbles and rocks.  The screw holes could potentially collect road salt if not installed properly so watch out for this.


Parking lots can be quite hazardous for vehicles due to cramped spaces- you never know when the door of the neighbouring vehicle is going to scrape against yours or a trolley grazes past. It’s always worth going a bit further off to a lonely corner where you can park by yourself.

Metal Hardware

Never put anything with metal on top of your car- this could be anything from an innocent set of keys to purses and satchels or any other equipment. These can easily scrape the car- especially if they happen to fall from the top.

If you cover these steps, you’ll undoubtedly have your car exterior well-protected at all times!

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