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Having your own car can come for different reasons. It may be a gift from someone who loves you, or something you buy on your own. Whatever the reason is, owning a car encompasses tasks and responsibilities that you, as a car owner, need to consider, whether you chose to own the car or not.

One responsibility is to drive safely. Keeping yourself safe while on the road is not enough, making sure that everyone who comes your way are safe from any accident you can cause is also essential. Which is why, as much as possible, a driver should be able to identify possible sources of an untoward incident that their car can cause. Checking and re-checking the car before traveling is a must. However, for first time car owners, it is sometimes difficult to ensure that all aspects of the vehicle are in good condition. The lack of experience in this area can be the source of road accidents. Or, if there is no accident, a car breakdown could ensue due to insufficient check-up of the vehicle.

So, what happens if your car breaks down and you have never handled situations like these before? Here is what you should do:

Pull over as fast as you can

If your car suddenly shows any sign of trouble while you are driving on the freeway, the first thing to do is to pull over as on the side of the road for as fast as you possibly can while ensuring that it is safe to do so. This is to prevent furthering the damage in your car and to avoid compromising the safety of other motorists.

Check which part of the car is the source of the breakdown

After pulling over, the next thing to do is to check your car. If you own a car, it is mandatory that you at least have some idea of the possible causes of car breakdown since it is assumed that you have your car maintained to keep it in good shape. Therefore, during a sudden breakdown, your mind should be focused on checking the car’s engine. In some cases, unexpected car stoppage is caused by tire problems. This is also one part that you can check. If you feel like you have checked everything but the car still won’t start, then that would be the time to do the next step.

Call a mechanic

If you have your own mechanic who can come to you at that exact moment, then you are someone who is considered fortunate. But, most of the time, car breakdowns tend to happen at the most unexpected time and place and your mechanic cannot come to your aid pronto. In case this happens to you, then the best thing to do would be going to the nearest auto shop and asking for their assistance. There are instances where the car breakdown would require changes in auto parts and for beginners, it is sometimes difficult to find these right away and auto shops can also help you in these situations.

Finding yourself in an unpleasant situation like a car breakdown is utterly stressful, especially if you are not used to these kinds of happenings. The top priority during these times is to keep yourself calm in order for you to be able to think clearly on your next steps. There is no use complaining about something that you could not have seen happening, anyway. Your best chance at surviving this is to focus yourself completely on solving the situation before you.

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