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Accidents don’t really give you a call or inform you before it visits. Therefore, it is within a citizen’s best interest to know the necessary protocol if, unfortunately, one was to get in an accident.

Be As Calm As Possible

It is quite stressful and is definitely a cause for panic, but try to maintain yourself as calm as possible. Breathe deeply and analyse the situation. Your judgment, at this point, is most definitely compromised, it is not within your best interest to come to any hasty decisions or get into any sort of argument or agreements with the other party.

Ensure the Safety of All Parties Involved Including Yourself

Depending on the situation, you and the other party involved could take the vehicles to a safe place unless they are far too damaged. Never forget to turn off your vehicle. If it is possible you may opt to always have some warning triangles or cones in your car as they could be used for added safety to yourself and other passengers in vehicles. In extreme cases, dial 911 and contact the police right away.

Document the Situation

One of the greatest benefits of this technological era is mobile phones. Use your mobile phone camera to document every detail you may deem essential to plead your case. The license plates, your injuries, deformations in your vehicle, the area, the time and so on.

Contact the Experts

You may contact your family but when it comes to making decisions for yourself in this scenario, it is best to contact a personal attorney from the myriad injury compensation lawyer bendigo. They will analyse the situation and take decisions on your part to make sure you receive the compensation that will cover your medical costs, legal costs, the time spent away from work and so on.

This will also save a lot of time and money as most attorneys do not have to be paid, but some may require a contingency fee. They will analyse reports, medical certificates and the proof you’ve recorded, for you and save your time and effort.

This step is quite essential, considering that the law can be tricky and most citizens do not know legal terms inside out.

Do Not Offend the Offender

Try your very best not to get into quarrels or arguments as it might get extreme and make you lose all rights to compensation if the offender blames you for an injury or some other matter. If the case is taken to court, it may prove to be difficult to plead your case if you have somehow violated the law or the other party. If you’ve called the police or your attorney, simply allow them to handle the matter. There is no need to get your hands dirty.

Legal Things Aside…

Get all the medical attention you need. Do not compromise or overlook anything that might hint to something deeper than the surface, such as body pain or migraines and headaches. Finally, drive safe.

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