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Every driver should know that there are many ways to park a car. It should and must be common knowledge to them. This would come in useful as it would prevent possible accidents and other inconveniences in the future. However, not all drivers know this, possibly due to cultural differences as their countries haven’t adopted some of the mentioned parking methods. In the following article we’ll be going through the different ways you can park a car and hopefully, you’ll leave this article with knowledge that you’ll find useful.

Have You Heard About On Street Parking?

On street parking is a very big hassle. The name truly defines its essence. You simply park your car on the street. This may cause you several inconveniences. For example, what if you open your car door and accidentally slam another car that paralleled park next to you? You could be left in a very heated argument and even a lawsuit. This is a very common occurrence and usually results in chaos. Who wants that?

Continuously, parking mid street may cause quite a bit of traffic as mobility is decreased due to the lack of space left on the road. This is a major headache for all drivers. Everyone wants a smooth journey. Why should they elongate and possibly ruin their trip because someone parked on the side of the road?

However, having parked in public, security cameras are everywhere, making possible car thefts easily solved.

What About Multiple Level Car Parking?

Probably one of the easiest, this type of parking calls for the vehicles to no longer be exposed on the bare road, but be left in a completely closed, safe space away from the main road. This is useful as it allows you to save space, and the roadswill not be hampered with the lack of mobility that on street parking causes. 

It’s also quite obvious how useful safely storing your car away in a closed place is- threats of theft is much lower as the buildings are usually monitored by security.

How About Off-Street Parking?

Off street parking is very similar to multiple level car parking. It’s similar as it is away from the main road, nestled away in a confined area. However, it is not a part of a closed building. It occurs in a designated, open area where masses of cars can park. Usually, security is offered which is a benefit that on-street parking obviously does not offer. Unfortunately, for off street parking, most of the time it’s not for the public, but only for customers of individual companies. Different businesses usually have designated off street parking venues for their customers to save them the hassle of parking on the side of the street.

You don’t just have to be a newbie driver to enjoy this article, you may be a car enthusiast wanting to learn as much about your future car, and that’s alright. Hopefully, this article delighted you. It’s quite obvious the future holds more innovations like this.

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