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The braking function is one of the most important functions in your car. It’s a life-saving mechanism that must be in top shape at all times for your vehicle to be roadworthy. Here is a list of essential brake care tips that all drivers must be aware of:

Change Brake Oil According to Schedule

The interval at which brake oil must be changed varied between various vehicle models. Refer to the owner’s manual and find out what it is for your vehicle. Then set reminders so that you don’t forget to change brake oil when you should.

Brake oil attracts moisture, which is the reason why it should be changed following as scheduled. Moisture is terrible for brake fluid because it causes the brakes to face downhill. Also, moisture can lead to corrosion of the metal parts of your braking system. Therefore, change brake oil as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. The right oil changes will keep your brakes performing smoothly and optimally.

Check for Signs of Faulty Brakes

Brakes can be faulty without giving off any sign. But there are also very obvious signs that your car’s brakes need more than a new oil change. If the brake pads are noisy in any way, you need to take your vehicle to an auto mechanic immediately. See if the steering wheel vibrates or wiggles when you brake. This is a sure sign of a parts problem. If you notice that you really need to step on the brakes to make the car stop, your brakes are probably in need of repairs.

When replacing faulty brakes, don’t go for the cheap parts (unless you fancy losing your life in a car accident). Choose a well regarded seller like and purchase high-quality OEM parts for your brakes.

Don’t Get too Excited about High-Performance Brake Pads

High-performance brake pads are designed for racing cards. These pads are specially designed to function under high levels of temperature build-up. This condition occurs when a car is driven under very high speeds. You will not encounter such speeds as you drive regularly on the road.

Therefore, high-performance brake pads are a terrible idea for regular passenger cards. Passenger cars must have brake pads that can perform even when wet, produce low noise when braking, and produces low levels of dust. These crucial qualities are not available in high-performance brake pads.

Inspect the Braking Mechanism Annually

You can feel out for faulty brakes as specified earlier. Beyond that, you should also have the brakes manually inspected. This is not something drivers can do without sophisticated knowledge of how car brakes work. Therefore, take your vehicle once or twice a year to an auto mechanic to have the braking system professionally checked. You can also include a brake check in your regular car service schedule at the auto mechanics.

Use the above suggestions to keep the brakes of your vehicle in the best shape possible. Otherwise, you will be risking your life when you drive on the road with faulty brakes. Make checking the brakes part of the regular maintenance schedule so that you don’t forget to do it.

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